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Friday 28th January
15:00       You Might Not Like This
17:00       Bread ‘n’ Butter
19:00       Jordan K Joseph
20:00       D. Clemente
21:00       Hardcore Soy
Saturday 29th January
16:00        MEC.AC
18:00        Bahree
20:00        Regal Disco
22:00        Jess Rose

Sunday 30th January
15:00      Aluminium Shiny Shin Side
16:00      The Crepuscular Decibel Connection w/ Matthew Kerry
18:00      Nick Kagame
20:00     Poison Ivy

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STEAM MCR reimagines community spaces.

Our flagship venue, The Old Abbey Taphouse, is a live music venue, radio station and creative hub.

STEAM Radio aims to be the sound of the local community - providing a space for a multitude of genres and discussions. Broadcasting weekly, our live schedule runs Friday - Sunday.  We aim to provide creative workshops for people living in the area and those who are underrepresented in the scene.

Our projects have a social cause and impact. From using surplus food to feed our neighbourhood to supporting young creatives develop their practise, we know how important it is to build community.

Use the booking form below to book out our radio studio or community meeting room.